InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposer

“Top end performance and power.”

When I consider all the options available surrounding buying a disposer, I definitely think about power and noise reduction first.  Newer disposers work hard and make pretty much any food  easily disposable.

The most advanced garbage disposer has to be the new InSinkErator Evolution series. These disposers are very powerful and extra quiet, but what makes these disposers even better is the advanced approach to avoiding and fixing jamming. The InSinkErator Evolution Excel sits at the top of the food chain for these disposers.  I love the super high capacity and the extra powerful induction motor.

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The Evolution series features a dozen improvements over the also capable Badger series InSinkErator line. And the Excel has one of the most powerful one horsepower grinding systems I know of.

  • Type of Feed – Continuous
  • On/Off Control – Wall Switch
  • Motor – Single Phase
  • HP – 1.0
  • Volts – 120
  • Reversing – Auto-Reverse Grind System™ feature
  • HZ – 60
  • RPM – 1725
  • Amp. (Avg. Load) – 10.2
  • Time Rating – Intermittent
  • Lubrication – Permanently Lubricated Upper & Lower Bearings
  • Shipping Weight (Approx.) – 25.5 lbs.
  • Unit Finish – Stainless Steel Light Gray TEN-1706
  • Overall Height – 13-1/2”
  • SoundSeal Plus Technology – Anti-Vibration Mount™, Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount™, Quiet Collar™ Sink Baffle, Multi-Layer SoundLimiter™
  • Insulation
  • MultiGrind Plus Technology – GrindShear Ring™, Tri-Action Lug System™ feature, Undercutter Disk™, Jam-Sensor Circuit™
  • Grind Chamber Capacity – 40 oz.
  • Motor Protection – Manual Reset Overload
  • Average Water Usage – 1/4 Gallon Per Person Per Day
  • Average Electrical Usage – 1/2 KWH Per Month
  • Drain – 1-1/2”
  • Anti-Vibration Connection – Hose Clamp
  • Dishwasher Drain Connection – Yes
Is it running?

The Evolution Excel comes highly reviewed by customers at Amazon due to it’s function and power.  One review stated that the installer had to check the drain to make sure it was actually working after it was installed. The entire unit is designed to be as quiet as possible. The InSinkErator Evolution Excel disposer comes with SoundSeal Technology which makes it whisper quiet. The hardware for drain and inlet and outlet ports on this machine are also reinforced to reduce any vibration that could potentially occur.

Dispose of Everything and Anything

Another feature I really like about this disposer compared to the more conventional units on the market is the MultiGrind Technology. The Evolution Excel breaks down food with three stages of grinding.  I don’t want to bore you with the details, so let’s just say that it will take out a whole chef salad complete with chicken wing bones and potato peels on the side. This disposer has technology built in to deal with jams as well.  If the disposer senses it may jam, it automatically increases power up to 500 percent.  It also reverses direction if it comes across something it cannot handle.

Technical Odds and Ends

The Evolution series comes with a very generous warranty.  The people at Insinkerator offer a seven year come-to-you warranty on their Evolution series disposers. I am also happy to see that reviewers on Amazon have confirmed that this disposer adapts to any previous InSinkErator models that are are used today.  If you want to install this beauty yourself, you can just twist and lock the disposer onto the existing InSinkErator drain. You can probably install this disposer yourself with a few tools.  All of the parts are included except a switch to turn it on and off and electrical cord.

If you are not replacing an old disposer, you may need some plumbing fittings and pipe to complete installation. It comes with instructions and a user manual to guide you through installation.

Is the High Price Worth It?

The Evolution Excel comes with a hard to digest price tag. However, if you are looking for quality and performance this is the model to get.

I also believe that, if you are a firm believer that you get what you pay for, this is also a disposer that would come highly recommended due to it’s function and advanced features.

  • Extra powerful induction motor for heavy duty service.
  • Seven year warranty with a three year warranty on all parts.
  • Very quiet.
  • Almost no chance you will have to unjam this disposer manually.
  • High up front cost.
  • Need extra pieces and parts for new installation.

Bottom Line:

I have great respect for the InSinkErator brand and their products.  The Evolution Excel garbage disposer boasts advanced technology for serious grinding with little to noise while operating. If you want to have a hassle-free kitchen where nothing goes wrong at the worst possible time, this tough disposer can make your worries a thing of the past.

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